BASF Events Portal

What is the Events Portal?
The BASF Events Portal is an application for setting up, controlling and organizing events and meetings. Hosts can create and configure events and manage attendees from the Host portal. Attendees can register for events and find all information about an event from the Attendee portal.

BASF Support
Any technical questions, bugs or issues with the BASF Events Portal should be directed to support. You can reach support from any page by clicking the "Support" link. After filling out a short form you will be able to enter your question/issue and it will be sent directly to the support team. Any event specific issues or questions for an event host should be sent through the Attendee site from the "Contact" tab.

Creating an Event Website (Host)
The first step in creating a new Event is to go to the Events Portal ( and click the "Create Event" button located at the top of the page. There you will fill out a form to set up a new event. Once you click "Create Website & Begin Configuration" an email will be sent to the email address you input with instructions on how to begin configuring your event page.

The email you receive will contain an event code, unique to the event you created, and a link directly to the start of the configuration process.

  1. Event Information - This is where you put all information regarding this specific event. It includes an area to upload a logo for the event and a picture for the event. If there are any specific requirements for attendees, such as T-shirts for the event, you can set them at the bottom under "Custom Registration Questions"
  2. Program Schedule - Here you can enter the event schedule and activities either free-form or by creating an itemized schedule.
  3. Travel & Lodging - All information regarding hotel and travel should go on this page. It includes an area to upload a picture of the hotel.
  4. Other Information / Activities - This page is for any extra information you would like your attendees to have such as dining guides, local places of interest or recommended activities.
  5. Billing - This is where you can enter/update the "BASF Event ID Number" and "Cost Center Code"
  6. Attendees - This page allows you to upload a full list of attendees. It accepts excel spreadsheets which should ONLY contain FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS. No other format is accepted. You can also add attendees individually. If you would like unregistered attendees to receive periodic email reminders to register you can check the box on this page. You can also view a list of current attendees, their registration status and send registration emails.
  7. Launch - Here you can preview the event website and send a bulk registration email to all attendees.

The "Event Alert" section on the Event Information page is a means of communicating important information to the attendees. Whatever information you enter into the “Event Alert” text area will be displayed in a popup box whenever an attendee visits the event site, ensuring that they do not miss it. It will continue to be displayed every visit until you remove the text from the field. Some examples of when to use the “Event Alert” would be: date changes, major changes to the event, or changes to the Program Schedule.

Fill out the forms on each of the pages until you reach the "Launch" tab. This is where you can preview the event and ensure it is set up properly. When you are all done, click the "Send Emails" button to send the registration information to all attendees and they will be able to log onto the event site to begin registering.

Registering for an Event (Attendee)

  1. Receive email containing a link to event and a unique Attendee Code.
  2. Fill out registration form and review event information
  3. If you have any questions pertaining to the event you may contact the event host directly from the "Contact" tab